Concrete & Resurfacing Overlay Photos from Vista and Nearby Cities

Looking for creative concrete solutions? If you live in Vista California or surrounding cities, you’ve found the most experienced and cost-effective crew in the area. And that’s regardless of whether you need new concrete or a creative way to repair existing concrete.

Have Cracked Concrete? Consider an Overlay

Is your existing patio, driveway or walkway cracked? Most often we can fix cracked or ugly concrete with our resurfacing overlays. So usually, there is no need to demo it. We use a special polymer, colors and stamps to overlay existing concrete instead of demoing it. And it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between original stamped concrete and our overlays.

How do we do it? First we patch and prep the existing concrete. Then we apply a special thin (quarter to an eighth inch) polymer on top of the concrete. We can stain it, brush finish it or stamp it to create a beautiful custom finish. We can also grout it if you want!

It’s virtually impossible to distinguish original colored, stamped or broom finished overlays from newly poured custom concrete. As evidence, take a look at the photos below.

Vista Stamped Resurfaced Overlay on Existing Cracked Concrete

Here are “before” and “after” photos of a recent project we completed in Vista, California. As you can see in the before photos the old concrete was cracked and discolored. Most contractors would have said the concrete would need to be jackhammered out and completely replaced. We were able to save the homeowner the mess and added costs of demolishing the old concrete. Instead, we used the highest quality polymer on the market to overlay patterns and textures. The result speaks for itself.

Photos Before & After Resurfacing Old Concrete in Vista

More Photos of Vista Resurfacing Project

By the way, we can also “fake” rocks when a homeowner requests. You’ll see an example on the end of the large patio we resurfaced with polymer overlay.

New Stamped Concrete or Resurfaced Polymer Stamp Overlays?

Think you can tell the difference between newly poured concrete and resurfaced polymer onto old concrete? Here is a random sampling of recent newly poured concrete as well as overlays onto existing concrete. They are from the Vista California and surrounding cities of Escondido, San Marcos, Oceanside and Carlsbad.

In addition to the concrete and resurfaced polymer overlays you see in these photos, we also created the drought-tolerant landscapes and rock scapes.

Single Source for Enhancing Your Outdoor Living

So if you live in Vista CA or any of the surrounding cities, you’ve found a single-source for all concrete, hardscape and landscape needs.

To get an overview of our services, see our home page here.

You can find examples of hardscape photos here. They’re just a sampling, of course. We can create virtually any hardscape project you have in mind.

In addition to real stone and inlaid stone, we also incorporate cultured stone veneer into hardscape. See examples of cultured stone facings on walls, pillars and posts here.

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One of our specialties is rock landscapes. In fact, we create the most cost-effective boulder and rock landscapes in North San Diego County. See a few of our recent rock landscapes in Vista and nearby cities here.