We turn outside spaces into works of art with decorative concrete, hardscape and landscapes.

Serving Vista CA and nearby cities

decorative colored concrete driveway stone border stone inlaid steps drought tolerant landscaping

Decorative Concrete, Hardscape & Landscape Customized to Your Needs

Decorative concrete and drought-tolerant landscapes dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal and value. Just as importantly, these updates can help you feel calm and grateful to enjoy your home!

We customize concrete, hardscape and landscape solutions to reflect your unique style, maximize your space, fit your budget and functional requirements. For some customers, that might mean just a standard concrete driveway.

Cost-Conscious Concrete & Landscape Solutions for Vista and area Cities

Most folks we serve in Vista California, Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos, Oceanside and Fallbrook prefer decorative concrete, hardscape and drought-tolerant landscapes. We are your single source to do it all. And we do it on time and on budget. Oh yes, we do it at a competitive price for top-quality work too!

Decorative Concrete Examples

  • Top Cast Etched (Acid Etched) Concrete (driveway shown above in coco brown)
  • Saw Cut Concrete (as in coco brown driveway above)
  • Colored or Stained Concrete (as in coco brown driveway above)
  • Stamped Textured Concrete
  • Resurfaced Stamped Polymer Epoxy Overlay on Concrete or other hard surfaces
  • Broom Finish Concrete
  • Broom Finish Epoxy Polymer Overlay on Concrete or other hard surfaces
  • Freestyle Designs on Polymer Overlay (Ideal for repairing cracked concrete)

See a few more of our decorative concrete examples here.

Hardscape Examples:

  • InlaidStone (photo above of driveway border and entry steps)
  • Cultured stone veneer
  • Outdoor Kitchen, Bar, Barbecue, etc.
  • Fake Rock Walls
  • Stucco Courtyard Walls
  • Pilars
  • Planters, Mailbox Posts,
  • Stucco or Wood Enclosures for Pool Equipment
  • Gates and Fences
  • Outdoor lighting (photo above inset lighting in steps)

See a few photos of our hardscape examples here.

Over 30 Years of Creative Concrete Solutions in Vista and Nearby Cities

We’ve created a broad range of decorative concrete solutions for homeowners in Vista and surrounding cities for over 30 years. The photos you’ll find on this website represent just a few of our most recent projects. So we have the experience, creative eye, skill and talent to produce virtually any concrete solution that fits your budget and style.

colored exposed aggregate walkway in Fallbrook - rose color

Top CastR Etched Colored Concrete

Also called Acid Etched Colored Concrete

This rose colored etched concrete walkway in Fallbrook is a popular choice and requires no maintenance. It will look as beautiful 30 years from now as it does the day it’s poured. You can choose from a variety of colors. This one is called desert rose. Top Cast is a proprietary product that etches the top layer of the concrete. It must be precisely applied, expertly timed and removed to achieve the desired beautiful result.

stamped concrete walkway San Marcos

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a great way to add visual interest to your surroundings.

Curved design of walkway softens the landscape. Interspersed bands with stamped design adds dimension. It is virtually impossible to tell stamped designs in concrete from resurfaced polymer stamped designs over existing concrete.

Resurfaced Concrete with Stamped Polymer Overlay

After applying a thin polymer coating over the existing concrete, we stamped the design and grouted it. We also added a fire pit with seating area. We use only the highest quality polymer supplied by Concrete Solutions.

drought-tolerant landscape specialists
Succulents and rocks, artfully placed, make ideal drought-tolerant and cost-effective landscapes.

Drought-Tolerant Landscape Solutions in Vista area – Our Specialty

Stone walkway, succulents landscape Carlsbad

This stone walkway surrounded by lush succulents and rocks in this colorful drought-tolerant landscape invites visitors to the front door.

We Can Help You Design Your Ideal Drought-Tolerant Landscape or Implement Your Existing Design

Since water is a scarce and costly resource in our area, we specialize in drought-tolerant landscapes. Succulents and rock scapes are popular choices. Whatever design you have in mind, we can make it a reality.

Irrigation and Drainage Critical in Landscape Design and Construction

Irrigation and drainage are also important in any landscape design. We always consider where and how to incorporate irrigation and drainage in all landscape designs.

See more photos of our drought-tolerant landscapes here.

Unique Boulder and Rock Landscapes

Using primarily boulders and rocks in a drought-tolerant landscape sets us apart from conventional landscape contractors.

We have a special talent and artistic eye for strategically placing large boulders and rocks, especially enhancing large-lot homes. See photos featuring our boulder and rock landscapes.

Lot Clearing

Lot cleared of weeds and leveled out in Fallbrook
Large properties, especially in Fallbrook, Vista and San Marcos, need to be routinely cleared of weeds and leveled. We’re experts at leveling and developing properties.

Acreage Development

Have acreage to develop? Call us! 760-977-6851

We’ll look it over. Listen to your ideas, give you some options and give you an estimate.

We can do it all. Need a large lot cleared? Or need a foundation for a home, utility building or granny flat? Call us!

Single Source for Enhancing Your Outdoor Living

So if you live in Vista CA or any of the surrounding cities, you’ve found a single-source for all concrete, hardscape and landscape needs.

Want to See More Photos?

You can find examples of hardscape photos here. They’re just a sampling, of course. We can create virtually any hardscape project you have in mind.

Find more concrete and overlay project photos here. And even more Vista area concrete and overlay photos.

Find examples of landscape photos here.

One of our specialties is rock landscapes. In fact, we create the most cost-effective boulder and rock landscapes in North San Diego County. See a few of our recent rock landscapes in Vista and nearby cities here.

In addition to real rocks, we also use cultured stone veneer as facing on many hardscape projects such as walls, posts, enclosures and pillars. See examples of cultured stone veneer on projects in the Vista area here.