What is Cultured Stone Veneer?

Cultured stone veneer (also called “manufactured stone) is a great way to dress up exterior and interior surfaces to resemble real rock faces. It is beautiful, economical and durable.

Cultured stone manufacturers first create thousands of textured molds of real rock arrangements. Then they pour a slurry of natural aggregates, iron oxide pigments, and cement into the molds. The result is realistic stone look that is durable and more affordable than natural stone.

We typically use it on outside posts, pillars, walls and enclosures.

A Few Examples of How We’ve Used Stone Veneer in Vista area projects

Some Carlsbad Custom Stone Veneer:

Here is how we used cultured stone veneer on posts, pillars and enclosures:

stucco walls with stone veneer posts

Columns connecting stucco walls looks like natural stone, but they’re actually veneer! We also stuccoed the walls and topped off the walls and columns with stamped concrete.

cultured stone veneer on mailbox stamped cap stone planter wall
Realistic stone look on this mailbox post. But it’s actually stone veneer.

More Stone Veneer Photos from a few of our projects in Vista, Carlsbad, Escondido, San Marcos, and Oceanside

We’ve Also Used Cultured Stone Veneer on Inside Fireplaces

Recently, while working on a homeowner’s exterior we were asked to revive the fireplace area inside the home. So we ripped out the old textured dry wall and replaced it with new drywall and applied a smooth Venetian. Alongside the fireplace we installed cultured stone veneer. While we normally focus on the outside of homes, we do our best to accommodate clients. We understand most folks prefer to deal with a single trusted source for multiple projects.

Before stone veneer applied around fireplace

We ripped out the old outdated textured drywall around the fireplace and replaced it with new drywall. Here is how it looked BEFORE we applied the smooth Venetian finish above the fireplace and the stone veneer on the sides of the fireplace.

Cultured stone veneer on sides of fireplace

This is the “after” photo. We applied the smooth Venetian finish to the new dry wall and painted it. Then created a simple mantle and surrounded the fireplace with cultured stone veneer.

Many Veneer Options To Choose From

You can choose from a variety of rock and stone colors and textures. Here are a few of our favorites:

You Can See More Manufactured Stone Veneer Options on Our Supplier’s Website

You can see a broader range of stone veneer options, visit the KRC Rock website. That’s where we go to get most of our cultured stone veneer as well as many other landscaping and natural stone materials.

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