Here is just a sampling of photos of our decorative custom concrete projects in Vista California and area cities. Many also include hardscape and landscape examples since most of our clients choose us to transform their entire outside space.

Custom Concrete Examples Include:

Of course we pour standard, gray concrete. But our specialty is concrete that’s unique to whatever color and style best fits each homeowner’s style. Here are a few examples of custom concrete styles and techniques:

  • stamped patterned or textured concrete
  • colored concrete
  • stained concrete
  • broom finished concrete
  • saw cut concrete
  • resurfaced stamped concrete using quarter-inch polymer
  • freestyle designs on quarter-inch polymer overlay

Etched Colored Concrete

Top Cast etched colored concrete is sometimes referred to as “acid etched”. We use this trademarked product to produce unique finishes, from a light acid wash to even a sand blast finish up to full exposure of 1 1⁄4 in. (32 mm) aggregate. It requires a series of steps that must be carefully timed to achieve the desired impact. Timing and temperature are key to getting the look just right. We’re experts at achieving the desired effect.

The photos below are examples of the end result and of the process of exposing the fine crushed aggregate within the colored concrete and the Top CastT product to etch and expose some aggregate. Once it’s done, it maintains its beauty for years to come …. without needing maintenance!

saw-cut, etched colored concrete patio in Fallbrook CA
Acid etched colored concrete using Top CastT product for patio and pool area in Fallbrook.

Top Cast Etched Concrete Process

These photos give you a basic idea of how we achieve the etched look to saw-cut colored concrete.

Etched Colored Concrete Photos in Vista Area

Stamped Textured Concrete vs Stamped Polymer Overlay to Resurface Old Concrete

It’s virtually impossible to see the difference between new stamped concrete and our overlay stamped onto old concrete. We use a stamped pattern on both.

The difference is that in stamped concrete, we stamp the pattern directly onto newly poured concrete. For existing concrete and even concrete that has minor cracks we prep the concrete (patch cracks, etc) and apply a thin (1/8″) of a specialized polymer on top of the existing concrete then stamp the pattern into the polymer.

Requires Specialized Knowledge, Skills & Materials

We use only top-quality products supplied by Concrete Solutions. Knowing how to use these products — especially the precise timing — is critical. So much depends not only by the clock, but also by the temperature. Beautiful results requires experienced professionals. And we’ve been using the products and techniques for longer than most than most any other concrete contractors.

We use a variety of color combinations for either stamped concrete or stamped overlay to achieve a natural look of stone, brick, or wood. As you can see in the sample of photos of our stamped concrete and stamped overlay projects, you can choose from a variety of textured patterns and colors.

Custom Stained Concrete in Vista Area

Stained concrete, done with skill and artistry, can be beautiful. Many folks choose it for a garage. But it also can be done on driveways to help hide old stains. It’s a cost-effective way to freshen up old, stained concrete.

Stained Concrete

Yes, we also stain concrete. Staining concrete is a great solution for some businesses, even inside a building. Here’s a look at a garage floor we recently stained in a home. We can stain your garage floor too!

The correct mixing of colors requires an artist’s eye and technical know-how.

How We Stain Garage Floor

Garage Floor After Staining

Colored Polymer Overlay Broom Finish

Sure, we can broom finish concrete! But we can also enliven old grey concrete by applying a thin colored polymer coat and broom finish it. Only an expert can tell the difference between a polymer coated broom finish from a concrete broom finish.

This driveway, for example, was once an old traditional gray concrete driveway. Now it looks vibrant and new!

Here is just one example of the broom finish overlaid on top of existing concrete.

Colored Concrete Look using Color in Polymer Overlay with Broom Finish
This driveway was also previously a plain gray driveway. We used a thin polymer colored polymer coating to achieve this broom finish effect .

Single Source for Enhancing Your Outdoor Living

So if you live in Vista CA or any of the surrounding cities, you’ve found a single-source for all concrete, hardscape and landscape needs.

To get an overview of our services, see our home page here.

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